Basic Insertion Commands

( paredit-open-round
(a b |c d)
(a b (|) c d)
(foo "bar |baz" quux)
(foo "bar (|baz" quux)
) paredit-close-round
(a b |c   )
(a b c)|
; Hello,| world!
; Hello,)| world!
M-) paredit-close-round-and-newline
(defun f (x|  ))
(defun f (x)
; (Foo.|
; (Foo.)|
[ paredit-open-square
(a b |c d)
(a b [|] c d)
(foo "bar |baz" quux)
(foo "bar [|baz" quux)
] paredit-close-square
(define-key keymap [frob|  ] 'frobnicate)
(define-key keymap [frob]| 'frobnicate)
; [Bar.|
; [Bar.]|
" paredit-doublequote
(frob grovel |full lexical)
(frob grovel "|" full lexical)
(frob grovel ""| full lexical)
(foo "bar |baz" quux)
(foo "bar \"|baz" quux)
(frob grovel)   ; full |lexical
(frob grovel)   ; full "|lexical
M-" paredit-meta-doublequote
(foo "bar |baz" quux)
(foo "bar baz"| quux)
(foo |(bar #\x "baz \\ quux") zot)
(foo "|(bar #\\x \"baz \\\\ quux\")" zot)
\ paredit-backslash
(string #|)
  ; Character to escape: x
(string #\x|)
  ; Character to escape: "
; paredit-semicolon
|(frob grovel)
;|(frob grovel)
(frob |grovel)
(frob ;|grovel
(frob |grovel (bloit
(frob ;|grovel
(frob grovel)          |
(frob grovel)          ;|
M-; paredit-comment-dwim
(foo |bar)   ; baz
(foo bar)                               ; |baz
(frob grovel)|
(frob grovel)                           ;|
(zot (foo bar)
     (baz quux))
(zot (foo bar)
     ;; |
     (baz quux))
(zot (foo bar) |(baz quux))
(zot (foo bar)
     ;; |
     (baz quux))
|(defun hello-world ...)
;;; |
(defun hello-world ...)
C-j paredit-newline
(let ((n (frobbotz))) |(display (+ n 1)
(let ((n (frobbotz)))
  |(display (+ n 1)

Deleting & Killing

C-d, <delete>, <deletechar> paredit-forward-delete
(quu|x "zot")
(quu| "zot")
(quux |"zot")
(quux "|zot")
(quux "|ot")
(foo (|) bar)
(foo | bar)
|(foo bar)
(|foo bar)
DEL paredit-backward-delete
("zot" q|uux)
("zot" |uux)
("zot"| quux)
("zot|" quux)
("zo|" quux)
(foo (|) bar)
(foo | bar)
(foo bar)|
(foo bar|)
C-k paredit-kill
(foo bar)|     ; Useless comment!
(foo bar)|
(|foo bar)     ; Useful comment!
(|)     ; Useful comment!
|(foo bar)     ; Useless line!
(foo "|bar baz"
(foo "|"
M-d paredit-forward-kill-word
|(foo bar)    ; baz
(| bar)    ; baz
(|)    ; baz
()    ;|
;;;| Frobnicate
(defun frobnicate ...)
(defun frobnicate ...)
(| frobnicate ...)
M-DEL paredit-backward-kill-word
(foo bar)    ; baz
(foo bar)    ; baz
(foo bar)    ; |
(foo |)    ; 
(|)    ; 

Movement & Navigation

C-M-f paredit-forward
(foo |(bar baz) quux)
(foo (bar baz)| quux)
(foo (bar)|)
(foo (bar))|
C-M-b paredit-backward
(foo (bar baz)| quux)
(foo |(bar baz) quux)
(|(foo) bar)
|((foo) bar)
C-M-u paredit-backward-up
C-M-d paredit-forward-down
C-M-p paredit-backward-down
C-M-n paredit-forward-up

Depth-Changing Commands

M-( paredit-wrap-round
(foo |bar baz)
(foo (|bar) baz)
M-s paredit-splice-sexp
(foo (bar| baz) quux)
(foo bar| baz quux)
M-<up>, ESC <up> paredit-splice-sexp-killing-backward
(foo (let ((x 5)) |(sqrt n)) bar)
(foo |(sqrt n) bar)
M-<down>, ESC <down> paredit-splice-sexp-killing-forward
(a (b c| d e) f)
(a b c| f)
M-r paredit-raise-sexp
(dynamic-wind in (lambda () |body) out)
(dynamic-wind in |body out)
M-? paredit-convolute-sexp
(let ((x 5) (y 3)) (frob |(zwonk)) (wibblethwop))
(frob |(let ((x 5) (y 3)) (zwonk) (wibblethwop)))

Barfage & Slurpage

C-), C-<right> paredit-forward-slurp-sexp
(foo (bar |baz) quux zot)
(foo (bar |baz quux) zot)
(a b ((c| d)) e f)
(a b ((c| d) e) f)
C-}, C-<left> paredit-forward-barf-sexp
(foo (bar |baz quux) zot)
(foo (bar |baz) quux zot)
C-(, C-M-<left>, ESC C-<left> paredit-backward-slurp-sexp
(foo bar (baz| quux) zot)
(foo (bar baz| quux) zot)
(a b ((c| d)) e f)
(a (b (c| d)) e f)
C-{, C-M-<right>, ESC C-<right> paredit-backward-barf-sexp
(foo (bar baz |quux) zot)
(foo bar (baz |quux) zot)

Miscellaneous Commands

M-S paredit-split-sexp
(hello| world)
(hello)| (world)
"Hello, |world!"
"Hello, "| "world!"
M-J paredit-join-sexps
(hello)| (world)
(hello| world)
"Hello, "| "world!"
"Hello, |world!"
|  world
C-c C-M-l paredit-recenter-on-sexp
M-q paredit-reindent-defun