SLIME48: The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs in Scheme48

SLIME48 is a Scheme48 back end for SLIME, the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs. More information may be added to this page in the future.

SLIME48 is available in two forms: a tarball containing everything needed to run SLIME48 except for Emacs and Scheme48 themselves; and a Darcs repository of the current development sources, which must be matched up manually with a checkout from SLIME CVS (for which see the main SLIME web page).

Three branches of SLIME48 with new bells and whistles are also available:

I have not yet had time to write any documentation for these branches, so for now you will have to read the source. Though the branches are not included in the main SLIME48 Darcs repository, they should merge cleanly together, if you should want to use these features in conjunction. They are also included in the SLIME48 tarball.

Note (2007-12-24)

SLIME48 works only with Scheme48 1.3 because of gratuitous, incompatible changes in Scheme48 — both in earlier and in later versions —, and, more prominently, because of very poorly designed support for Unicode in version 1.5 and later. The current development of SLIME has also diverged substantially from when SLIME48 was last kept in synchrony with it. Whether it is still usable as an Emacs front end for Scheme48, I do not know. Recent developments in Scheme48 and the R6RS have deterred me from spending much further effort on this.

Direct questions, comments, bug reports, and any other sort of feedback to campbell (at) mumble (dot) net.

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Last updated: Monday, 24th December, 2007