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Scheme 48

Scheme 48 has its own web page.

Scheme 48 is an implementation of Scheme based on a byte-code interpreter written by Jonathan Rees and myself. It is designed to be used as a testbed for experiments in implementation techniques and as an expository tool. Jonathan Rees also has a page describing Scheme 48 .

I edited R5RS. You can download it as compressed Postscript or compressed DVI. A page of errata for R5RS is available as HTML or compressed Postscript or compressed DVI.

Thanks to Margaret Fleck, one of the authors of Envision, the Scheme 48 manual pages are now available on-line. Envision is a extension to Scheme for implementing computer vision algorithms.

Rice University has a large web site on Scheme.

Selected Papers

  • Transparent Communication for Distributed Objects in Java. Java Grande '99. (with Michael Hicks, Suresh Jagannathan, Jonathan Moore, and Cristian Ungureanu)
  • On the Interaction between Mobile Processes and Objects. Heterogeneous Computing Workshop, March 1998. IEEE Press. (with Suresh Jagannathan)
  • Higher-Order Distributed Objects ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 17(5), September 1995. (with Henry Cejtin and Suresh Jagannathan)
  • A Correspondence between Continuation-Passing Style and Static Single Assignment. (also in the proceedings for IR'95, published as ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 3(30), March 1995)
  • Pre-Scheme: A Scheme Dialect for Systems Programming.
  • A Tractable Scheme Implementation. in Lisp and Symbolic Computation 7(4), 1995. (with Jonathan Rees). (not available electronically for copyright reasons).
  • Tail-Recursive Stack Disciplines for an Interpreter. (a slightly shorter version is available as Technical Report NU-CCS-93-03, College of Computer Science, Northeastern University)
  • Realistic Compilation by Program Transformation. Proceedings of the 16th Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, January 1989. (with Paul Hudak)

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