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This is the web directory of Taylor `Riastradh' Campbell, containing
miscellaneous frobbotzim that have accrued over the years with no
rhyme or reason.  Well, sometimes they rhyme.

If you like any of what I do and would like to support it, you can
donate money to me via Bitcoin or PayPal:

- Bitcoin tip jar: 14bYeybkZy2BTJ5iMh9cLjifoo4yzwK4Sn
- PayPal tip jar: campbell+paypal at

(Single-use Bitcoin addresses available on request, but beware that
Bitcoin is not anonymous: every transaction in history is recorded for
all the world to see.  If you want to send Zcash, send me a note and
I'll see about arranging to receive it.)

I welcome signed and encrypted OpenPGP email.  This README file has an
OpenPGP detached signature in README.pgp with the same key I use for

* OpenPGP

My OpenPGP keys are at <>
and on the key servers.  The key you should use is:

   pub   4096R/7EF3D01B 2010-12-31 [expires: 2020-12-31]
         Key fingerprint = FD8A F90D EEB3 04CD 8F21  28A4 D4BB 4629 7EF3 D01B
   uid                  Taylor R Campbell (Riastradh) <>

This should match the output you see from the command

   gpg --with-fingerprint --list-keys

If you use GnuPG, then after you import my OpenPGP key with

   gpg --import riastradh.pgp

the detached signature README.pgp on this file README should be
accepted by the command

   gpg --verify README.pgp README

which should say `Good signature from "Taylor R Campbell (Riastradh)

If not, something is wrong!  If so, everything may be right, provided
that you verified my OpenPGP key over a secure channel.