Information about Preston C. Hammer, assembled by Jonathan Rees in late 2012.

Photograph (taken in 1970)

Why did I do this? I met Hammer around 1976 and was impressed by his outspoken, eccentric manner. In 2012, when cleaning out a file cabinet, I came across some reprints he gave me, and realized I had a few things in common with him. I got to wondering what his story was and spent a day trawling the web for information about him.

I contacted two family members to see if they had any photos or additional information to share, but received no reply.

I was thinking of creating a Wikipedia page, but this is painful given Wikipedia's strict policy on third-party sources.

Off-line sources




Someone, can't tell who but apparently the same person who created the Linkedin profile, collected a bunch of links to his writings. The page is off line now, but it's archived.



TBD: Trawl JAR's pinboard page, Google Scholar search, list at Microsoft Academic Search, Hathi Trust (three full PDFs), Taylor and Francis Online (5 paywalled articles)