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Preston Clarence Hammer (October 12, 1913 – April 14, 1986) was an American mathematician, computer scientist, and educator. He taught at Oregon State University, University of Wisconsin, Penn State, and Grand Valley State Colleges. At Penn State (1965 – about 1974) he was chair of the newly formed Computer Science department. He worked at Lockheed in the 1940s and at Los Alamos National Laboratories in the 1950s. He was a champion of hands-on education in computing, clashing with academics who preferred a curriculum treating the subject in a purely academic manner.


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I have the following reference from somewhere but have failed to track it down: Bibliography on Color Blindness.
University of Wisconsin, Numerical Analysis Laboratory, 1960. PCH was not color blind.

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Son of Adam and Ada Zimmerman Hammer

Children: Phoebe McDonald, Frances Stevenson, Nick Hammer, Kathryn Kerman, Arthur Hammer [from the Centre Daily Times obit]




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Why did I do this? I met PCH around 1976 and was impressed and amused by his eccentric, rebellious manner. In 2012, when cleaning out a file cabinet, I came across some reprints he had given me, and realized I had a few things in common with him. I got to wondering what his story was and spent a day trawling the web for information about him.

I was thinking of creating a Wikipedia page. I think he qualifies as notable and the Parter and Klir articles provide enough general information to satisfy Wikipedia notability rules. Creating the article is mainly a matter of the grueling work required to format the article and references correctly.

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